Cafe & Bar

Lunch Menu Options


Cheese Platter with assorted cheese, crackers and dips (Please ask crew for today's selection) (Can be GF) (Serves two people) $12
Ploughmans Platter with assorted crackers, pickled veg, dips, toasted Turkish Bread & sliced meats (Serves two people) $21
Garlic Bread; Toasted on Turkish Bread for two $9
Chicken, Basil & Sundried Tomato Filo Pocket served with Relish & Side Salad (Limited time only) $10.50
Ham & Cheese Toastie; Shaved ham and melted cheese in toasted rye bread and a petite salad $7.50
Cheese & Onion Toastie; Melted cheese and Spanish onion in toasted rye bread with a petite salad $7 (V)


Sesame Summer Salad; Mixed leaves with cooked sticky chicken, crunchy noodles and a house made sesame dressing $15 (V no chicken)
Seasonal Roast Vegetable Salad; Roast vegetables mixed with baby spinach, Danish feta and a balsamic dressing $13 (GF) (V) (VG no feta) (*also available for dinner)
Corn Fritters Stack; Stacked and layered with baby soinach. Finished with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce $12.5 (V)
Korean Chicken Sliders; Three tenderloin sliders on brioche slider buns, picked daikon, baby spinach and kewpie mayo $14.50 (*also available for dinner)
Angel Bay Beef Sliders; Three beef and haloumi sliders on brioche slider buns, baby spinach, grilled haloumi cheese and home made burger sauce $14.5 (*also available for dinner)


Vege Burger; Lettuce greens, Roma tomatoes, melted cheese, 120g Angel Bay Vegetarian Patty and house made burger sauce inside a 90g Butter Brioche $15.5 ​(VG) (V) (GF no bun)
Beef Burger; Lettuce greens, Roma tomatoes, melted cheese, 120g Angel Bay Beef Patty and house made burger sauce inside a 90g Butter Brioche $16 ​(GF no bun)
250g Sirloin Steak served with a potato parmesan hash, side of Roast Vegetables, wilted greens and a hollandaise sauce $32.50 (GF)
200g Pork Belly served with kumara rosti, warm apple sauce and wilted spinach $25.5 ​(GF)


Kid's Beef Burger; 120g patty on a seeded bun with burger sauce and cheese $8
Ham & Cheese Toastie served on rye bread $7
Cheese & Onion Toastie served on rye bread $6.5 V


Warm white Chocolate Brownie; Warmed white chocolate brownie served with berry boulis and flaked chocolate ​$10 ​V
Raw Snickers Slice served with coconut yoghurt and toasted nuts $11 ​(GF) (DF) (V) (VG)
Orange Almond Cake served with a Chantilly cream and dried dusted blood orange $12 (GF) (V)


Potato Parmesan Hash; Made by Wild Chef, a mix of potato, parmesan and herb crusted hash $4.5 (V) (GF)
Kumara Rosti; Made by Wild Chef, a kumara and spring onion pressed rosti $5 (GF) (DF) (V) (VG)
Stuffed Potato; Three Potato Munchkins with melted cheese, topped with sour cream and drizzled sweet chilli sauce $7 (+$2 add Ham) (V) (GF)

v - Vegetarian & Vegan option
gf - gluten free
rsf - refined sugar free

Beverage Options
We have a fully licensed bar on board and we offer a full range of non alcoholic drinks including tea and coffee. EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available on board.

Beverage List