Cafe & Bar


Winter warmer savoury mince 17.5
Our biggest meaty dish, House made savoury mince served with a cheese kransky, fried egg and a toasted sourdough

Home-made GF corn fritters 16.5 V,GF
House made corn fritters made with chickpea flour, capsicum herbs and spices. Served on a bed of baby
spinach and a minted tzatziki sauce. Sprinkled with house made explorer flakes
(can do DF and swap tzatziki for beetroot relish) extra $2
Apple crumble waffles 14.5 V
A Belgium waffle served with crushed apples, malted biscuit crumbs, maple syrup and a warmed
custard sauce

Prosciutto ham and cheese Croissant 13.5 V
Prosciutto ham and cheddar cheese served in a warmed croissant with baby spinach
add beetroot relish $2

Vegan breakfast bowl 18.5 V,VG,DF
Kumara rosti x2, baby spinach, sauteed garlic mushrooms, smashed avocado served with a horopito and beetroot relish


Cheese platter 16 (Serves 2) V
with assorted cheese, crackers and dips (please ask crew for today's dip selection)

Ploughman's platter 21 (serves 2)
with assorted crackers, pickled veg, dips, toasted turkish bread and sliced meats


Veggie burger 15.5
Beef burger 16
Both burgers made inside a 90g buttered brioche, with house made burger sauce, lettuce greens, roma tomatoes and melted cheese

250g Sirloin steak 32.5 GF
Served with a carrot and potato hash, steamed broccolini, wilted greens and a hollandaise sauce

200g Pork Belly 25.50 GF
Served with a kumara rosti, warm apple sauce and wilted spinach


Kids burger 8
120g beef or vegetarian patty on a seeded bun with burger sauce cheese and lettuce

Ham and cheese 7
Ham and cheese toastie on rye bread

Cheese and onion 6.5 V
Cheese and onion toastie on rye bread


Warmed chocolate brownie 10 V
Warmed white chocolate brownie served with berry coulis and flaked chocolate

Raw snickers slice 11 GF,DF,VG,V
Raw snickers slice served with a coconut yoghurt and sprinkle toasted nuts

Orange Almond cake 12` GF,V
Orange and almond cake served with Chantilly cream and dried crusted blood orange

VG = vegan V = vegetarian GF = gluten free DF = dairy free

Please note: our kitchen does have peanuts and gluten in it, we cannot confirm it is completely free of these products.